Messing about in boats….. here are some favorites:

  1. A Bolger Tortoise (unnamed). I built a little box boat while in Thailand– had to have something to sail. The mast, yard and boom are from local bamboo, the sail is blue polytarp. The oars/paddles are cooking paddles from a cooking shop stall in the market. We circumnavigated the island in the background of this photo.

KohMakBoat with Cooking Paddles


2) A design I dreamed up to leave with friends on the island of Tinos, Greece.


3) “Anomaly”– a Bolger Tennessee, built by a friend, restored by me. Photo is of her floating in dew in Marshfield, MA.


Later, I raised the house on her– transforming her into a (perhaps crude) version of an English lake boat for year-round live-aboard duty: