The Last Frontier

This remarkable “short” was made by John Whittier an Alaska crab fisherman who lost his job as a result of that fishery being “rationalized.” John studied up on film technique and was hoping to turn this into a full length documentary but, sadly, his personal funds ran out. He filmed me at a municipal conference in Anchorage in February, 2009. He used some of my concluding comments from my presentation at the conference for the voiceover on his final scenes.

The “T” in Fish: Reform of the EU CFP

The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) of the European Union (EU) was up for renewal/reform in 2012. On the eve of those reforms, I was invited to a workshop in Copenhagen that was arranged in response to the leading proposal from the European Commission for reform: mandatory introduction of what the EC started calling “transferable fishing concessions” (TFCs). Some independent filmmakers attended the workshop and made this short film that presents perhaps the best short introduction to the controversy over individual transferable quotas (ITQs). I was one of several people the filmmakers interviewed as they pursued their story.

The effect of TFCs on: The Nation, Communities & Future Generations

I was invited to give a presentation to a one-day conference at the Danish Parliament on the proposal (by the European Commission) to introduce mandatory  “transferable fishing concessions” (think ITQs, think privatization) into the 2012 reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) of the European Union. My full presentation was slightly edited in producing this clip.

Has the Leopard Changed its Spots? Some thoughts on the challenges awaiting small scale fisheries.

I was invited to give the opening keynote presentation at the 6th General Assembly of the World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP), 1-5, Sept. 2014. Cape Town, South Africa. There is a lot of what I call “strategically benign rhetoric” being used in the quest to privatize fishery resources around the world. For small-scale fisheries, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Catch Shares and Communities

Future challenges for the WFFP